Fortuna leather attended the exhibition at VTV – Fortuna Leather

Fortuna leather attended the exhibition at VTV

Saturday 06/24/2023

Here, women will meet together, confide private stories and share personal views on aspects of life, which is a great and interesting rendezvous for women of the second generation. new female. They are not only confident, independent and open-minded, take care of their family, but also know how to cherish and beautify themselves.
This is also an attractive rendezvous for women with similar interests and updates on life information such as pets, music, movies, fashion, food, etc.
With a duration of 60 minutes/program, a large amount of time is spent on the exchange – sharing to lead to an open dialogue, content creators want to create an open forum for anyone, even the host. The program, guests and especially the audience also share their views on hot issues in life.
Fortuna Leather was lucky to attend the first issue of this special show. Take a look at some of our photos from the first recording of this show!