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Fortuna is a leading manufacturer of footwear and accessories.

Fortuna has been involved in the apparel trade for over 30 years and is now a leading manufacturer of leather goods, focused on footwear and accessories. Our state of the art production facilities allow us to produce 18,000 pairs of footwear in a single shift.

We are located in the heart of New York City with representation worldwide. Our manufacturing operations are located in Bangladesh.

Fortuna prides itself on its commitment to excellence in manufacturing.
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Fortuna Leather


Fortuna Leather is a purveyor of distinguished products including shoes, bags, and accessories. We understand the unique challenges of working with manufacturers and have streamlined the process for our partners.


Baby Bags, Beach Bags, Clutches and Evening, Crossbody Bags, Hobos, Shoulder Bags, Top Handles and Satchels, Ballets Flats & Skimmers, Boots, Evening, Lace-Ups, Loafers, & Moccasins, Pumps & Slingbacks, Sandals, Wedges & Espadrilles, Wallets, Card Cases and Coin Purses, Cosmetic Bags


Dress Shoes, Loafers, Oxfords, Sandals, Messenger Bags, Briefcases, Totes, Backpacks, Duffels, Wallets, Card Cases, Key Rings, Money Clips

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Our company operates under three separate divisions, which are closely intertwined: Private Label Manufacturing, Footwear Manufacturing, and Handbag/Accessory Manufacturing.

Focus on Quality

Fortuna Leather has a diverse client base across the globe. While serving our clients, we makes sure that everyone is served with the best quality of service. The company is currently working with brands in the United States, France, Japan, Spain, Australia, and Germany.

Value Chain

Fortuna Leather not only strives to give you the latest models of footwear and leatherwear, it expands its capabilities by vertically integrating various parts of the supply chain. Fortuna has its own shoe last factory, outsole factory and a footwear plant as part of the value chain in addition to its own tannery which servers as the source of leather.


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Fortuna has had the pleasure of working with the following global customers and brands:

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